Cornish 100% Natural Sea Salt

Cornish 100% Natural Sea Salt
Country: United Kingdom

Cornish is the only British sea salt company using grade A pure sea water as its only ingredient. All the sea salt are hand-harvested from the waters around the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall which is just eight meters from the Atlantic shore line in Britain. The product range includes a variety of salt types and innovative blends to meet the needs of our retail, chef and food production partners. A lot of famous chefs love using this brand and is recognized by the royal family. 

Its sea salt have a well-balance of magnesium and calcium which gives sweetness and magnesium can dissolve quickly on the palate providing a richer flavor than other sea salts. It gives our salt a unique mineral profile and an intense salty flavor, meaning you can use less of it to produce consistently delicious results.

All the sea salts are from non-contaminated water with no pollution of heavy metal nor chemicals. They are in compliance with the strict Global Standard for Food Safety adopted by British Retail Consortium and are certified with the highest standard of Grade AA.


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