About Us

Mission and Vision

Based on our strong beliefs in integrity, innovation and corporate responsibility, we strive to source, develop and distribute quality products by utilizing our marketing expertise and supply chain management, thereby optimize relationship with our corporate partners as well as retail partners and deliver outstanding delicacies to our clients:


To our corporate partners: We strive to offer strong solutions not only in Hong Kong, but also in Mainland China / Macau by using our extensive distribution network, knowledge of the market and long-term relationships with customers to ensure speed-to-market and increase visibility and brand awareness.


To our retail partners: We aim to enrich lives every day by bringing and supplying reputable and quality that people love and trust.


Professional Branding Management

As a marketing service solution provider, we are strived and committed to work with every client to build the right solution, sharing actionable insights and regular updates to continually optimize brand performance. With our expertise, we develop the brand perception in the market by constructing a positive relationship with the target market, comprehensive wholesale operations, new product launch, brand building, channel development, advertising and promotion, business strategy development, sales and distribution, and after sales.

Extensive Distribution Network

To maintain the best quality of the goods for both retail and catering clients across Hong Kong and Macau, Top Label builds up an excellent relationship with key chain stores, general trade clients and on-line stores. This enables us to explore more trade opportunities, gain support from our clients and deepen our penetration.

Our Clients:


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