Veen Smooth / Sparkling Spring Water

VEEN Spring Water
Country: Finland

VEEN’s smooth spring waters originate from the Arctic wilderness of Finnish Lapland in the Konisaajo spring area of Northern Finland. VEEN Water's free flowing spring was found in the 1950's in an area, which is one of the least populated in Europe. The water filters through hills and sandy terrain. The water is bottled at its source and it is lifted from the spring at 3-4 degrees centigrade.

Smoothness is a characteristic that keeps surprising one with every mouthful. It comes from VEEN’s extremely low mineral content or TDS (total dissolved solids), which is 17.22 in Lapland – truly exceptional on a global level. VEEN Waters are bottled exclusively in glass and its design had won a lot of international awards. VEEN Waters are perfect compliment in a culinary environment around the world.

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