La Molisana Pasta

La Molisana Pasta
Country: Italy

La Molisana is not just pasta, it is the story of a family business that through 4 generations which engaged in the mill business in the Alpine Molise area in southern Italy.

La Molisana uses the best Durum wheat in the world, and uses the best "stone mortar slow grinding" technology to knead the dough, using the pure and certified Molise Alpine Cold Spring at 2000 meters above sea level to make unparalleled pasta. It is also one of the few Italian pasta companies that can do everything from raw material storage, milling, and making pasta, without having to fake their hands on others. Only in this way, they can pursue the outstanding quality unique to Italy.

La Molisana is now the No. 4 leading brand in the category of Durum Wheat Semolina Pasta Market in Italy.

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